Get a fully functioning, self-branded exchange in a matter of hours - with your choice of features, languages, designs and currencies - at a market leading price!

Crypto Next’s white label digital payments platform is a complete turn-key software solution for anyone looking to open a digital currency exchange.  Boasting all standard functionality for cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading, as well as several unique features, the Crypto Next platform adopts a simple, intuitive user interface. 

Standard Platform Features

The Crypto Next payments platform is a complete solution with all standard exchange functionalities, and a range of advanced options.  The main specifications are listed below:

  • Dashboard:  The highly intuitive dashboard displays basic account information and activities
  • Help wizard:  Platform fields defined for ease of use
  • Full transaction history:  Individual transaction history at a glance, with filter options
  • Log-in notifications:  Optional notifications for all account log-ins
  • Full log history: Date, IP and activity historical logs at a glance
  • Deposits:  Multi-currency deposit by transfer, QR code, and email
  • Withdrawals:  Multi-currency withdrawal by transfer, QR code, and email
  • Voucher redemption:  Redeem all compatible vouchers to credits
  • Fully functional API:  Simple but powerful Application Programming Interface
  • Digital and Fiat currency trading:  Simple UI, multiple currencies, multiple fee options
  • Unique CXC fee system:  Optional fee payment of 1 CXC per transaction
  • Advanced trading:  Set sell and buy orders as well as currency pairings
  • Create market pair:  Create your own digital and Fiat currency pairings
  • Email currency transfer:  Simple in-platform currency transfer by email
  • Altcoin listing:  Option to list any Altcoin, and pair with any existing coin on the system
  • Token creation:  Create own token for any purpose, define supply and values

Standard White Label Features

The Crypto Next white label platform offers an array of benefits at unbeatable prices.  The main features are listed below:

  • Simple set-up:  Highly user-friendly set-up procedure without excessive paperwork
  • Simple agreement:  No long-term commitment required, basic documents and procedure
  • Cheap and quick:  Exchange can be launched in hours at most competitive prices on the market
  • Choice of features and design:  Fully tailored with a choice of currencies, languages, colors etc.
  • Branded exchange:  Integrate your own branding, logo, website, etc.
  • User management: Approve own client documents, lock user and bank account details
  • Notifications:  Email notifications when user signs up, KYC submission, deposit requests, etc.

Crypto Next Special Features

Crypto Next boasts a number of unique features as well as extra features that are not always offered as a part of a white label package.  These include:

  • Email currency transfer:  Transfer funds by email from within the platform
  • Internal language management:  Add new languages using in-platform translation engine
  • Altcoin listing:  List any Altcoin on the platform and set any trade pairing including Fiat
  • Token creation:  Create own token feature for any use, define supply and values
  • Governance:  Integrated AML, KYC, CFT procedures in accordance with EU regulation
  • Cashier point:  Any user in any country can become an actual exchange bureau

Security Features

Crypto Next adheres to the highest level of technical security in the digital currency space, as well as offering corporate security measures afforded by registration.

  • 2 factor authentification using Google authenticator
  • 256-SHA encryption
  • Cold & hot storage
  • Firewalls
  • Elastic load balancer
  • Log-in notifications
  • Bank accounts monitored by Corporate Service Provider

Who Can Benefit From A White Label Exchange?

Digital currencies are all about lowering fees and simplifying financial transactions. We strongly believe in providing local communities with white label exchanges so that digital currencies can be easily obtained by everyone.  Whether you are launching a community Altcoin or building a Bitcoin empire, if you would like to have your own digital currency platform in a matter of hours, we can provide you with a turnkey solution at unbeatable prices.

Launching your own payments platform can be costly in terms of time and money, incurring expenses such as technical development, hosting, security, bank account opening and operation, legal fees, regulatory expenses, financial accounts, technical troubleshooting and maintenance, and more.  By opting for a white label exchange, you can enjoy all of these services for a one-off set-up fee and nominal monthly hosting fee, saving you time, money and effort.


Crypto Next offers the most cost-effective white label solution on the market, charging an affordable, one-off activation fee and nominal monthly hosting fee.  For more details, please see pricing section below.

Coin developers, or indeed anyone with a desire to list a new or existing coin, can add an Altcoin to the Crypto Next platform, potentially exposing it to multiple exchanges worldwide. This unique feature allows users to create pairings between any of the coins available on the Crypto Next platform, including other Altcoins, digital currencies and Fiat currencies.

Why List An Altcoin?

Altcoin listing is predominantly useful to coin developers, or holders of large amounts of a certain Altcoin.  This unique feature allows Crypto Next users to list almost any Altcoin, regardless of its popularity, value and common pairings, potentially exposing it to thousands of users across the Crypto Next network.  This allows the coin to be traded against a number of Altcoins, digital currencies and Fiat currencies, as well as on a number of international exchanges, which can affect its trade volume, public exposure and value.

How to List an Altcoin on Crypto Next?

Listing an Altcoin is not restricted to white label operators, but a Crypto Next account must first be created.  The process is very simple and can be done following the instructions below:
  1. Send wallet and integration instructions to Crypto Next's development team
  2. Pay an installation cost of 2 BTC
  3. Deposit Altcoin onto the system
Having listed your Altcoin, you can then pair the Altcoin against any currency available on the Crypto Next platform. 

If you wish to list an Altcoin for just 2 BTC, please contact us.
NEW!  Crypto Next has released its brand new token creation system.  All white label clients can enjoy this free service, enabling organizations to create their own centralized digital currency etc. in a few easy steps.

Why Create a Token?

Even digital currency enthusiasts encounter situations where a simple, centralized token can be useful.  Tokens can be used for a broad diversity of purposes ranging from loyalty programs to dividend distribution.  The main advantage of a token system is that it does not rely on miners, therefore token transactions are instant, free and not subject to the same hacking risks as digital currencies.  Not designed to replace cryptocurrencies, token transactions are an added function used to facilitate certain elements of your business.

What Is a Token?

A centralized, database driven token is a virtual object with a certain use as defined by its issuer.  This can be a frequent flyer mile, a virtual poker chip, a voucher for a coffee, or a representation of a company share; the possibilities are endless.

The creation of a token on the Crypto Next platform allows the issue, transfer and use of tokens for almost any purpose.  Tokens can be transferred instantly, distributed by email, with flexible value options (fixed or tradable).  Importantly, if anyone tries to hack or steal your tokens, the centralized system allows for reversal of transactions so that stolen tokens can be reclaimed.

How to Create a Token on Crypto Next?

New clients must first sign up as a white label before the token creation feature can be activated.  If you are already a white label exchange operator, token creation can be done following the simple instructions below:

  1. Sign up as a white label and integrate your front end website
  2. Request token creation from Crypto Next by email or phone
  3. Receive notification of token creation, make a deposit request for amount of tokens via Crypto Next system
  4. Set the markets for your token and commence trading
Please see our video tutorial

Having created your token, you can:
  • Transfer tokens by email
  • Set a fixed price or make tokens fully tradable
  • Set markets against any supported currency on the Crypto Next platform
Advantages of Token Systems
  • Instant transactions: no need to wait for miner confirmation
  • Free transactions:  no need to pay for mining
  • No charge backs
  • No reliance on opening bank accounts
  • Anyone can deposit and purchase in any currency
  • Not hackable: transactions are reversible therefore stolen tokens can be reclaimed
Disadvantages of Token Systems
  • Not decentralised: require trust in operator
  • No public ledger: note all transactions are logged and can be made public
Who Can Benefit From Token Systems?

Due to their broad range of uses, many different types of organizations can benefit from issuing tokens.  Crypto Next itself uses a token system as a fee structure, for example.  Tokens can be used by online betting companies (much like betting chips) to overcome cash transfer issues, as a rewards system for client loyalty, as a free giveaway voucher, and even as a centralized digital currency for parties with a high level of trust.  Here are some common use cases:

  • Gaming companies:  In order to overcome betting industry challenges such as the expensive fees associated with on-boarding money, tokens can be used for betting, much like virtual chips.
  • Loyalty programs:  Reward clients for their repeated custom by granting loyalty points which can then be exchanged for goods, services, or money.
  • Localised digital economies:  Much like digital currencies, tokens can be used for the exchange of services by independent parties, without the cost and delay incurred by crypto currencies such as bitcoin.
  • Share Issuance and Dividend distribution:  Tokens can be issued in lieu of corporate shares, and distributed instead of dividends, allowing them to be freely traded at any time.  
NEW!  Crypto Next has released a brand new cashier point system, whereby any user on any white label platform can apply to become a cash distribution point, much like a digital, global exchange bureau.

What is the Crypto Next cashier point system?

Essentially, the system allows any user to become a money in and out point, anywhere in the world.  Like an exchange bureau or remittance point, users can accept and distribute currency using the Crypto Next platform as a transfer means, and a pin-based system for withdrawal.  Platform users can transfer funds across the globe from one cashier point to another, for a fraction of the price of traditional exchange systems. 

How does the cashier point system work?

Any account holder, on any of the white label platforms, with level 2 security clearance or higher can request to become a cashier point.  Cashiers deposit funds onto the Crypto Next platform and are then able to accept and distribute funds from third parties to the value of the system balance.  Withdrawals are facilitated by a PIN system.  Cashiers can define their fee for the service and become a part of a global remittance network.

How to become a cashier?

1. Create an account or log-in to your white label account
2. Ensure you have level 2 clearance, or upload KYC documents to achieve level 2 clearance
3. From My Profile, check the box marked “Would you like to become a Cashier?” and send us a message
4. Wait for our approval
5. Once approved, set deposit and withdrawal limits
6. Deposit funds to platform and begin!

Why become a cashier point?

Whether you have an existing exchange and wish to add an additional service, have a currency exchange business or simply wish to supplement your income, becoming a part of a global remittance network is of potential benefit to the international digital currency community by reducing remittance fees and simplifying transfer procedures.  Cashiers can define their fees, helping travelers whilst earning money for their services.  The procedure is quick, simple and secure. 

White Label ExchangeCALL

  • Fair Activation Fee
  • Monthly Hosting
  • Commissions Split 75% / 25%
  • No Contractual Commitment

Add AltcoinBTC 2

  • One-off Payment of 2 BTC
  • Coin Added Within 24 Hours
  • Set Your Own Markets
  • No Ongoing Fees

Create Your Own TokenFREE

  • Free For White Label Operators
  • White Label Fees Apply
  • Token Created Instantly
  • Set Your Own Supply and Values

Become a CashierFREE

  • Publish Your Contact Details
  • Set Deposit and Withdrawal Limits
  • Set Your Commission Rates
  • Commissions Split 75% / 25%