Crypto Next Coin

About CXC

Crypto Next Coins ("CXC") are tokens that can be redeemed against any one transaction on a Crypto Next exchange, regardless of the transaction volume.

Merchants may also use CXC to pay the commission to convert digital currency to a local currency.

In short: One CXC = One Transaction

CXC are tradable across our exchanges. Please view the videos provided on the home page for more details.

Do not miss your chance to buy CXC and fix your exchange fees.

Obtain CXC

So you have decided to obtain some Crypto Next Coins. Great! 

Step 1 - Create an account and verify your email.

Step 2 - Make a deposit.

Step 3 - Purchase CXC.

Once you have purchased CXC you may use it to pay for transactions in the system or even start your own white label exchange.

Values of CXC

For a digital currency to be successful, values should be associated with it and the coin should be tradable.

Our coin has real values associated with it and as more exchanges go live, more CXC will be traded as we will automatically convert our part of the commission share to CXC.

With other words, CXC has the following values:

  1. Any transaction on our exchange or any of our White Label exchanges can be paid with 1 CXC
  2. White label exchanges pay part of the transaction fees to Crypto Next and we will always convert this fee automatically to CXC when the transaction fee is not paid with CXC
  3. White Label exchange activation fees are paid with CXC (amount depends on the currencies and languages selected)
Please see our videos on the homepage for a detailed explanation.