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Great news for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts – You now have a place to trade even the most obscure cryptocurrencies. Crypto Next, one of the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange sites, announced today that they now offer the possibility to trade all cryptocurrencies in their global platform.

The new feature is called “create your own market pair feature” and allows coin holders to create their own markets for cryptocurrencies. This means that you can pair any cryptocurrency up against another one of your choice or even fiat-currencies if you prefer that. For full story click here.

Following the goal to become the largest cryptocurrency corporation, the Banx Capital Group has decided to add a new Bitcoin exchange to its portfolio. Nonetheless, the launch of its digital currency trading platform, Banx Trade, powered by CryptoNext is expected to help it mark its presence in the digital currency ecosystem well. For full story click here.

With a commitment to full transparency, audits, and compliance, Tether is the most secure, fast, and low-cost way to store and transact with money. Tethers can be obtained at, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Expresscoin, and Crypto Next, with more exchanges and wallets coming soon. For full story click here.

Isle of Man-incorporated Bitcoin startup Crypto Next, announces it has signed up 10 digital currency exchanges in only one month after public beta launch of its white label exchange platform. The company hopes to have as much as 50 exchanges live by the end of Q1 2015, says CEO Sharon Greenberg.

Launched on October 19, at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Tel Aviv... For full story click here

Last week, digital currency startup Crypto Next plc announced its new product, the 'White Label Exchange,' at Inside Bitcoin Conference in Tel Aviv. The global currency platform has since gone into public beta in five different languages, with 10 fiat currencies and 10 local currencies - and promises more to come in the next few weeks, reads the official announcement. For full story click here.

Start-up Crypto Next recently launched in the Isle of Man with a suite of soon-to-be-offered services “that actually work,” according to company representatives.

These services will include a turnkey package of a company, bank account and white label currency exchange platform; a multi-currency wallet; and a set of multi-currency merchant services.

In the meantime, the company is raising.... For full story click here.

Crypto Next is launching a new cryptocurrency exchange that would charge just $1 for all transactions no matter the amount making using digital currencies easier and cheaper.

Crypto Next, created by Israeli entrepreneurs but based in the Isle of Man, recently launched its new platform and on July 15 started selling its Crypto Next Coin.... For full story click here.

A new startup called Crypto Next has launched from a quay in Man. The firm is building what it describes as a turn-key product for merchants to accept bitcoin payments, including bank accounts and white-label currency exchange platforms. The fact that the system is located in Man means that it’s subject to Man’s regulations, which may be a sight more amiable to cryptocurrencies than other locales.

As part of its launch, Crypto Next is issuing 5 million Crypto Next coins through a crowd sale on its website.... For full story click here.