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    White Label Exchanges
    1. Your language
    2. Your currency
    3. Auto banking API
    4. Our software

    Launch your own exchange in hours!

    Obtain Crypto Currency
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    White Label Features
    1. Multiple languages
    2. Multiple fiat currencies
    3. Multiple digital currencies
    4. Shared order book

    All these features and much more!

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    Tailor Your Exchange
    1. Add your language
    2. Add your coin
    3. Add your branding
    4. Set your fees

    Personalise your exchange in minutes!

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    Platform Security
    1. Two factor authentication
    2. Email verifications
    3. SSL certificates
    4. Multisig cold storage

    Start applying by creating an account.

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Create Account

Create an account and start trading digital currency immediately. Through your account you can send money across the globe in a fast, secure and cost effective manner. We offer deposits, withdrawals and trades in a great variety of local currencies.

To register, all you have to do is submit and verify your email. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
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White Label Exchange

We provide white label multiple currency exchanges in multiple languages. Set up and integration is fast and you have the options to set your commission structure, select currencies, add coins and languages and select your own colour scheme.

Whether you merely want to integrate code into your existing website or build a website from scratch, we are here to help.
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Product Features

Crypto Next's white label exchange platform offers unique features and unbeatable value.  Now you can launch your own digital currency exchange in hours, with your own branding and custom features.  You can select from a variety of languages, color schemes, both digital and fiat currencies, set your own markets, add a new Altcoin, create a new token and act as a cashier.  We provide the security and the development, you provide the marketing.
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About Crypto Next

Crypto Next is a white label exchange platform, providing complete digital exchange packages with unique advanced features.  Crypto Next's white label exchange is a platform that can be customized and integrated to an existing website in a matter of hours, adopting a secure legal regulatory framework and technical safety measures.

Crypto Next was founded by Sharon Greenberg and Asaf Azulay and incorporated on the 18th of June 2014. The team consists of Security, PR, Business Development and Regulatory specialists.
  • Sharon Greenberg

  • Asaf Azulay


In the News

Wall Street Journal (15-07-2014)

A new startup called Crypto Next has launched from a quay in Man. The firm is building what it describes as a turn-key product for merchants to accept bitcoin payments, including bank accounts and white-label currency exchange platforms. The fact that the system is located in Man means that it’s subject to Man’s regulations, which may be a sight more amiable to cryptocurrencies than other locales.

As part of its launch, Crypto Next is issuing 5 million Crypto Next coins through a crowd sale on its website.... For full story click here.

Coin Telegraph (26-10-2014)

Last week, digital currency startup Crypto Next plc announced its new product, the 'White Label Exchange,' at Inside Bitcoin Conference in Tel Aviv. The global currency platform has since gone into public beta in five different languages, with 10 fiat currencies and 10 local currencies - and promises more to come in the next few weeks, reads the official announcement. For full story click here.

Bitcoincasinos.com (21-05-2015)

Great news for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts – You now have a place to trade even the most obscure cryptocurrencies. Crypto Next, one of the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange sites, announced today that they now offer the possibility to trade all cryptocurrencies in their global platform.

The new feature is called “create your own market pair feature” and allows coin holders to create their own markets for cryptocurrencies. This means that you can pair any cryptocurrency up against another one of your choice or even fiat-currencies if you prefer that. For full story click here.